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The Bibliophagic Society

for devourers of books

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bi•bli•o•pha•ge —
                     A devourer of books.

1885 Sund. at Home May 329 Men of enormous bibliophagic appetite.

— taken from Oxford English Dictionary, third ed.

the bibliophagic society —
                     About us.

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.

— Henry David Thoreau

Established in MMVII, the Bibliophagic Society is a fellowship of compulsive readers, to wit: persons prone to exiting libraries and bookstores with precariously balanced piles in their arms and likely to be found reading at the bus stop, on the train, in the grocery line, etc. Our purpose is to recommend titles to one another, to engage in a discussion of what we have read, and to share our thoughts on the experience of reading.

projects —
                     Current activities.

Book club. Every six weeks, members exchange lists of recommended titles according to a selected theme. They then choose at least one book to read from the list over the next four weeks, by the end of which they post at least once with their reactions to the book. These posts are made public at the start of the sixth week, which is devoted to discussion of all the titles read for the theme. For more information, please see this post. The current theme is: real people in historical fiction.

Reviews of bookstores and libraries. The Society also runs The Bookworm Habitat, devoted to reviewing bookstores, libraries and other purveyors of books. Members post about the bookstores and libraries they have visited. For more information, please see bookwormhabitat.

                     Future endeavours.

Trivia and guessing games. First lines, guess that character, guess that author, five-word summaries, and other book-related memes, as a weekly event at bibliophages.

Book swap. A system to organize book swaps between members, possibly to be implemented on a forum platform.

Quarterly feature of non-English language literature. A collective blog for featuring recently published books originally written in languages other than English. The quarterly will feature member reviews and discussions, links to other reviews on blogs and publications, and if possible, interviews with authors or publishers.

Any member is welcome to propose new projects or activities for the Society by leaving a comment to this post. Those who are interested in organizing or moderating a proposed project may either reply to the appropriate comment or email the mods for more information.

membership —
                     How to join.

Anyone is welcome to join or watch the community. For those who wish to participate in the Society's activities, please comment here with a brief profile of your reading preferences and habits.

                     Roster of members.

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links —
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                     Other sites of interest.

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Any questions may be be addressed to bibliophages at gmail or left as a comment here.