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The theme for this round is:

Sign-up period: February 15-28
Reading and discussion period: March 1-April 4

(Giving two weeks for sign-ups and five weeks for reading, at least for now.)

If you wish to participate in this round, please make sure that you've provided a profile with your reading preferences. Sign up at this post with the following information:


Recommendation list:
1. (title and author)

You must recommend at least three books, but you are certainly welcome to recommend more than three books. The informal maximum number of books you may recommend is ten books. If you receive a list and are unable to locate any of the books on it in time, you may read a book from the master list of books from all of the recommendations that we'll be compiling for this round.

If you sign up, you agree to read at least one of the books on the recommendation list you receive and post to this community with your thoughts on the book during the reading/discussion period. (See this post for more information.)

If you don't have a recommendation list but would like to sign up to read a book anyway, please leave a comment with just your name and (if you would like to receive a specific recommendation list) email address.

For your convenience, please copy-paste from the box below.